Service sheet for 9 Jan

The Christian Community of St Giles-on-the-Hill

welcomes you to worship with them on

Sunday 9 January 2011

The Baptism of Christ

On this first Sunday of the Epiphany season, we gather to celebrate the baptism of Christ, giving thanks for the example of God’s Son and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Let us run with the stars and offer gifts with the Magi . . . with shepherds, let us glorify Him, with angels sing hymns, with archangels join in chorus . . . let us travel through the life of Christ, that we might be born afresh in Him. St Gregory Nazianzen

10.30am Sung Eucharist The service is set out in the white service booklet. The collect and readings are to be found overleaf. Hymns from the New English Hymnal.

Introit Hymn 58 The sinless one to Jordan came

Psalm 29

Gospel acclamation Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Cantors Christ was revealed in flesh, proclaimed among the nations; and believed in throughout the world.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Priest Hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew

All Glory to you, O Lord

Gospel Matthew 3.13-end

Priest This is the gospel of the Lord

All Praise to you, O Christ

Offertory Hymn 137 Come down, O Love divine

Communion Hymn 347 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove

Recessional Hymn 439 Praise to the Holiest in the height

Organ Voluntary Bach: Prelude in C minor BWV546

Priest-in-Charge Fr. Darren Thornton (01603 623724) d.thornton (email term-time only) Part-time – also Chaplain at UEA day off on Monday

Churchwardens Rowena Atkinson (01603 455729) and Bob Emsell (01603 439632)

Parish Ordinand David Smith (training at Westcott House, Cambridge from Sept 2010)

Reader & Newsletter Gill Persicke (01603 621777) gill

Music Reproduction Licence no.990580

Next Sunday’s readings: Isaiah 49.1-7; Psalm 40.1-11; 1 Corinthians 1.1-9; John 1.29-42

This service sheet is available week by week on


Sidesperson Betty Tester

Readers 1st Jonathan Trench 2ndCharlotte Ellerby

Intercessions Annie Blyth Chalice Charlotte Ellerby

Servers Vikkie Shread, Susan Morris-Prosser and Annie Blyth

Churchwarden on duty Rowena Atkinson Organist Ian Graydon


Tuesday 11 January 12 noon Said Mass Mary Slessor, missionary in Africa, 1915

6.45pm Churchwardens and deputies meeting at vicarage

7.30pm PCC Standing Committee at vicarage

Friday 14 January 10.00am Said Mass

Sunday 16 January (2nd Sunday of Epiphany)10.30am Sung Parish Mass Preacher: Gill Persicke


  • Please note that, from 6am on Sun 16 January to 7pm on Mon 24 January, there will be temporary traffic restrictions around St Giles, during the laying of a new cable. This should not affect access to the church, but will affect St Giles St and surrounding areas.
  • Thank you to all who supported the congregational Christmas card. We have been able to send £56.70 to the Biblelands charity (£35 in 2009).
  • We have received a thank you letter from the St Edmunds Society on Earlham Road, thanking everyone at St Giles fro the Christmas box of goodies. The residents were delighted with our gift. Thanks to all who contributed.
  • From Fr. Darren A big thank you to all those who kindly gave me a Christmas gift. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
  • For your reflection For Christians, the New Year becomes like the clean sheet of writing paper for the writer, the clean empty canvas for the artist, and the open road for the traveller, because, in 2011, we have a Christ-like story to write, a Christian picture to paint, and a Saviour to follow into the future.
  • Our charitable giving for January goes to USPG Anglicans in World Mission.
  • The joy of journeying through the Church year is that Christ’s story becomes part of ours. Do take home the 2011 Church Calendar, and transfer the dates into your diaries, to try and make them a priority for this new year! Thank you.
  • Do join us for a glass of wine after the Mass today, as we celebrate with Fr. Desmond his 70th birthday. Many congratulations from us all at St Giles!
  • Congratulations also to our organist, Ian, on obtaining a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Computing from the Open University. A wonderful achievement!


Our local schools pupils, teachers and other staff

In the NCCT, Norwich Cathedral

The Salvation Army, and Divisional Commander, Major David Jackson

The Diocese of Leicester, Bishop Tim Stevens, and YP4L – Young People for Life, the Youth Ministry of Leicester Diocese

Those who shape the conduct of the nations; that they may pursue peace and defend the truth


We welcome you to our church today. Do make yourself known to the priest or the churchwardens.

If you normally receive communion in your own church, you are welcome to do so here. If you are not a communicant, please come to the altar for a blessing, holding your service book.

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