Service sheet for 19 February

The Christian Community of St Giles-on-the-Hill

welcomes you to worship with them on

Sunday 19 February 2012

Sunday next before Lent

Let us come into God’s presence, seeking to see more of the Son as we worship him in his glory.

Our preacher today is Fr Brian Short

10.30am Sung Eucharist The service is set out in the white service booklet. The collect and readings are to be found overleaf. Hymns from the Celebration Hymnal.

Introit Hymn 388 Shine, Jesus, shine

Psalm 50.1-6

Gospel acclamation Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Cantors Welcome with meekness the implanted word that has the power to save your souls.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Priest Hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark

All Glory to you, O Lord

Gospel Mark 9.2-9

Priest This is the gospel of the Lord

All Praise to you, O Christ

Offertory Hymn 37 Alleluia, sing to Jesus

Communion Hymn 399 Love is his word, love is his way

Recessional Hymn 111 Christ is the world’s light

Organ voluntary Dubois Toccata

Priest-in-Charge Fr. Darren Thornton (01603 623724) d.thornton (email term-time only) Part-time – also Chaplain at UEA day off on Monday

Churchwardens Rowena Atkinson (01603 455729) and Bob Emsell (01603 439632)

Parish Ordinand David Smith (training at Westcott House, Cambridge)

Reader & Newsletter Gill Persicke (01603 621777) gill

Music Reproduction Licence no.990580

Next Sunday’s readings: Genesis 9.8-17; Psalm 25.1-10; 1 Peter 3.18-22; Mark 1.9-15

St Giles Church is twinned with the Scarrowbeck Group (Erpingham)


Sidespersons Dorothy and Rodney Head

Readers 1stJo Bussey 2ndVikkie Shread

Intercessions Martin Mitchell Chalice Pat Emsell

Servers Susan Morris-Prosser and Vikkie Shread

Churchwarden on duty Bob Emsell Organist Ian Graydon


Shrove Tuesday 8.30am Clergy Chapter, at Norwich Prison

12 noon Said Mass

Ash Wednesday 7.00pm Sung Mass with the Imposition of Ashes

Thursday 23 February 5.55pm Tolling of the Colton Acre Curfew Bell

6.00pm Evening Prayer

Friday 24 February 10.00am Said Mass

Sunday 26 February (First Sunday of Lent) 8.00am BCP Mass at St Thomas’ Church, Heigham, led by Fr Darren – all welcome

10.30am Sung Mass


  • Women’s World Day of Prayer Praying for Malaysia, at 11.00am, Fri 2 March, at St Barnabas Church, Russell Street. Details from Rev Elsie Hutcheon, on 01603 627859.
  • Bishop Graham has invited Fr Darren to become one of the team of Diocesan Vocational Advisers. A vocational adviser meets with potential candidates for authorised and recognised ministries, and helps the candidate to tease out their journey with its significant features. The commitment is for a couple of hours each month, and Fr Darren will see candidates in our Pitt Lane Prayer Room.
  • It is hoped that the work on the tower to repair the louvres will be completed during the month of March. It will be nice to hear the bells again, and have the car parking space returned to normal.
  • The Feb/March edition of Across the See plus prayer calendar available at the back of church.
  • Enclosed with this newsletter is the 2012 Lent programme. Please do sign up for an NCCT Lent course at the end of Mass today, so we can let the group organisers know how many are attending from St Giles. This course is very highly recommended!
  • A reminder – next Sunday is the deadline for those submitting APCM reports.
  • Lent Giving traditionally, Lent is a time for almsgiving. Each Sunday during Lent, there will be a retiring offertory that will be split between the Diocesan Lent Appeal and the Water Aid Lent Appeal. Please do remember your Lent offerings next week to place in the retiring collection.
  • Our February charity – the mission & ministry of Norwich Cathedral see charity noticeboard.
  • As we are experimenting with producing this newsletter two weeks’ worth at a time, once a fortnight, please be sure to submit any contributions to Gill P. as early as possible. Thank you.
  • Donations towards the appeal for the West Porch sculptures would be most gratefully received please speak to our treasurer, John Baldry.
  • Are you interested in being confirmed? The next opportunity is at the Easter Vigil in the Cathedral, with the Lord Bishop of Norwich. Please speak to Fr Darren if you are interested.
  • The company that supplies our Church Diaries relies on advertising to keep down the cost of the diaries, and works hard contacting local businesses. They are always looking for more subscribers, so if anybody can suggest any firms/businesses etc that may be willing to support St Giles by buying space, please contact Rowena, who will pass on the details to the diary company.


Norwich Citizens Advice Bureau, hard at work during these difficult economic times

In the NCCT, the Religious Society of Friends

The Methodist Church, and District Chairman, Graham Thompson

The Anglican Church of Central America led by Archbishop Armando Soria

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