Service sheet for 29th May

The Christian Community of St Giles-on-the-Hill

welcomes you to worship with them on

Sunday 29th May 2016

First Sunday after Trinity

Jesus was a man of miracles and a man of compassion.

Come to Him now and worship the one who brings the grandeur of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit together to transform and enrich our day-to-day lives and the lives of people around us.

The Celebrant and Preacher today is Fr Peter Varney (the Rector is away).

Our congratulations to Anne Middleton who is celebrating her 97th birthday. There will be wine and cake after Mass today to mark the occasion.

10.30am Sung Eucharist The service is set out in the white service booklet. The collect and readings are to be found overleaf. Hymns from the New English Hymnal

Introit Hymn 486 We have a gospel to proclaim

Psalm 96

Gospel acclamation Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Cantors We do not live by bread alone;

But by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Priest Hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke

All Glory to you, O Lord

Gospel Luke 7:1b-10

Priest This is the gospel of the Lord

All Praise to you, O Christ

Offertory Hymn 296 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour

Communion Hymn 282 Faithful Shepherd, feed me

Recessional Hymn 440 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation

Organ Voluntary Bach – Prelude in A minor BWV543

Deanery Prayer Calendar: St George, Colegate – Clergy: Phillip McFadyen, Mair McFadyen; PtO: Michael Hammond; Reader: Catherine Waddams; Synod Rep: Margaret Thompson. The Theatre Royal Chaplain: Robert Avery, Playhouse Theatre Chaplain: Phillip McFadyen

Readings next week: 1 Kings 17:17-24; Psalm 30; Galatians 1:11-24; Luke 7:11-17

2016 Church motto text ‘Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.’ Psalm 85 v.10 (King James Bible)

A helpful text as we work and pray with our Roman Catholic friends in their ‘Year of Mercy’.

Rector and Rural Dean of Norwich East Fr. Darren Thornton, part-time, also Chaplain at UEA 01603 623724 – day off on Monday

Parish Ordinands Tracy Williams and Annie Blyth

Churchwardens Rowena Atkinson (01603 455729) and Bob Emsell (01603 439632)

Newsletter Kate Baldry (01362 695503) – Twitter @stgilesnorwich Music Repro. Licence no.990580


Sidespersons Dorothy and Rodney Head Churchwarden Bob Emsell

1st Reading Raymond Scott 2nd Reading Sue Prutton

Intercessions Sheila Spreadbury Chalice David Johnson

Servers Ben Shread and Annie Blyth Organist IanGraydon


Monday 30 May The National Pilgrimageto the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

Tuesday 31 May 12 noon Said Mass The visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth

Thursday 2 June 5.00pm Meditation Group in the Prayer Room

7.30pm Film Club (on Thursday this month because of the Deanery Weekend)

Friday 3 June 10.00am Said Mass The Martyrs of Uganda, 1885-1887 and 1977

Norwich East Deanery Weekend Away to Ditchingham until Sunday

Sunday 5 June Trinity 2 10.30am Sung Parish Mass Celebrant and Preacher Fr Peter Varney with Healing Ministry by Revd Gillian Ireson

(Fr Peter’s birthday today!)


We welcome any newcomers to our church today. Do make yourself known to the priest or the churchwardens. You can find our picture gallery online at

Grapes Hill Community Garden is open this afternoon from 2pm to 4pm – all are welcome.

The National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is this Bank Holiday Monday.

Our Meditation Group meets this Thursday – enter church via the Priest’s door from 4.50 onwards. If you’re interested please do speak to Claire Vaughan-Smith or email her at

Deanery Weekend A number from St Giles will be away next weekend at Ditchingham. Do pray that it will be a good time in which new Deanery relationships are formed and it will be a fun time.

Fr Tommy Merry is to be licensed as Team Vicar at Christ Church, Fenton on Sunday 5th June. Our prayers go to Fr Tommy, who was once of St Giles, and we send many congratulations from us all.

West Pottergate Film Club Night As part of our getting to know the West Pottergate (WP) residents, members from St Giles are invited to a film club night (for the residents of WP) on Friday 10th June at 7pm to watch the film ‘Mamma Mia’. This will be shown at The Chapel (home to the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic and Dramatic Society) which is the building near St Giles Rectory. If you are coming, do feel free to park at the Rectory and walk around. Our thanks to Raymond and Annie for organising this event. It would be good for some of us from St Giles to be around. We will buy a big box of chocs from church funds which we can distribute during the film. Good hospitality is the key to getting to know this part of our Parish. Please do come – the evening is free!

The West Pottergate Community Fun Day is on Sat 16th July 11am to 3pm in the Rectory gardens. Tracy and Bev are looking for support/help. Please sign the list at the back of Church to register your interest/support. More information by speaking to them after Mass.

Administering the chalice at the Mass – The Bishop of Norwich has renewed the licences for Dr Carole Hill and Charlotte Ellerby to administer the chalice at the Mass. We are very grateful to them for doing this – we have a very good team at St Giles.

This month’s charity is Christian Aid – please see the Charities notice board for details. Thank you to all who supported the various fund-raising activities. The total for ‘Count Your Blessings’ for C A was £416.90 and the total amount raised at the Christian Aid Quiz Night on Friday 13th May was £446.

Fund-raising for St Giles – Film Club has raised £156.17, Interesting Talks £259.15, many thanks to Carole Hill, Annie Blyth and Raymond Scott for all their hard work in organising these enjoyable evenings. The Wisteria Concert and Raffle raised £459, many thanks to Norwich Community Choir for an evening of enjoyable music. The first Stalls of 2016 on 14th May raised £481.25, many thanks to David and Elsie Johnson and their team of helpers. The wonderful total of all this fundraising is £1355.57!

Traidcraft Stall – Kate will be taking Traidcraft to the Deanery weekend at Ditchingham so it will not be available next Sunday in church. If there is anything that you would like to purchase then please let Kate know by phone or email (see front of this sheet) and she will bring it to church for you.

The church heating is now switched off for the summer. Wrap up warm if we get a cold spell!

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