Service sheet for 23rd September

The Christian Community of St Giles-on-the-Hill

welcomes you to worship with them on

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Seventeenth after Trinity

The disciples were unwilling to receive the message of Jesus. We pray that in this Mass we may be open to his word and rejoice in his presence among us.

10.30am Sung Eucharist The service is set out in the white service booklet. The collect and readings are to be found overleaf. Hymns from the New English Hymnal.

Introit Hymn 483 The Church of God a kingdom is

Psalm 54

Gospel acclamation Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Cantors Welcome with meekness the implanted word
That has the power to save your souls

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Priest Hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark

All Glory to you, O Lord

Gospel Mark 9:30-37

Priest This is the gospel of the Lord

All Praise to you, O Christ

Offertory Hymn 104 At the Lamb’s high feast we sing

Communion Hymn 297 Lord Jesus Christ

Recessional Hymn 498 Son of God, eternal Saviour

Assistants at the Eucharist
Dorothy and Rodney Head Servers Kathryn Ives and Jen Gerrard 1st Reading John Baldry 2nd Reading Jen Gerrard Intercessions Annie Blyth Chalice Carol Cullum Visiting Organist Jim Hughes Churchwarden Bob Emsell

Readings next Sunday: Numbers 11:4-6. 10-16. 24-29; Psalm 19:7-14; James 5:13-20; Mark 9:38-50

Deanery Prayer Calendar: St Mark, Lakenham – Clergy: Erik West-Lindell; Reader: Paulette Yallop; Synod Rep: John Phoenix. Organists, choirs, and musicians; Tower Captains and Bell Ringers across the Deanery. Tuesday’s meeting of the Deanery Chapter at St Julian’s.

Rector and Rural Dean of Norwich East Canon Darren Thornton, part-time, also UEA Chaplain 01603 623724 – day off Monday
Parish Ordinands Annie Blyth and Tracy Williams, who is on placement at St Matthew, Thorpe Hamlet
Churchwardens Rowena Atkinson (01603 455729) Bob Emsell (01603 439632)
Newsletter & Traidcraft Kate Baldry (01362 695503) Twitter @stgilesnorwich Facebook @Norwicheastdeanery

Monday 24 September The Feast Day of Our Lady of Walsingham. Pray for us!
Tuesday 25 September 8.30am Clergy Chapter at St Julian’s
12 noon Said Mass
6.45pm Churchwardens meeting at the Rectory
7.30pm PCC Standing Committee meeting at the Rectory
Wednesday 26 September 7.00pm Church Army Diocesan Thanksgiving Service at St Catherine’s, Mile Cross – all are welcome!
Thursday 27 September 7.30pm Interesting Talk by Dr Carole Hill (see notices below)
Friday 28 September 10.00am Said Mass
Sunday 30 September
18th after Trinity 10.30am Sung Parish Mass

We welcome any newcomers to our church today
. Do make yourself known to the priest or the churchwardens. And do take a look at the lovely photos on the website!
Thanks to Jim Hughes for playing the organ today whilst Ian is away on holiday.
Are you interested in Faith Sharing? Come along this Wednesday 26th Sept to St Catherine’s Church, Mile Cross at 7.00pm. Are you wanting more people to hear the good news of the Gospel? Are you wanting to be better at proclaiming Jesus? All are invited to this Diocesan Church Army Thanksgiving Service. Find out about the work of the Church Army and what a resource it might be to you in telling and sharing your faith story.
Our next Interesting Talk will be this Thursday 27th Sept at 7.30pm when Dr Carole Hill will talk on ‘Julian of Norwich and her Context: aspects less considered’.
Our next Bible Study will be on 15 October at 7.30pm at 40 Havelock Road.
Our September Charity is the Church Army. You can help to increase our giving to this charity by making a donation (gift-aided if possible) in the collecting box on the table.
Your free copy of The Magazine for September/October (including the Diocesan Prayer Calendar that we are encouraged to use in our prayers) is available at the back of church.
Our Parish Share next year will be £32249 – an increase of 2.9% over our 2018 payments. Please can you consider prayerfully how you can increase your giving next year so that between us we can manage to cover this increase? Thank you! John Baldry
Gift Aid envelopes If you donate frequently to the offertory at St Giles you can have a set of buff envelopes on which you are identified by a personal number. This maintains confidentiality and means that you don’t have to fill in an envelope whenever you gift aid. Our Treasurer, John Baldry, can provide you with a set of personal envelopes on request.
Norwich North Deanery Pilgrimage to the Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 If you are interested in going, do contact Stella Noons on 860025 or at midday1940
You can get this weekly newsletter via email as soon as it is published by going to and clicking on ‘FOLLOW’ which is at the bottom of the page. Any problems – please speak to Raymond Scott.
Do you have a recommendation for a charity that you would like the St Giles PCC to consider supporting next year? If so, please write it on the list at the back of church with your name by your request so that PCC members can ask you for more information should they require it.

For spiritual reflection…..Before we can serve God in the world we need to spend time with God and be resourced by him.

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